What is a Recall?

The communities ability to remove anyone unfit from their official position.


What is Expected of Us? 

Signature Gathering

Our group has seventy-five (75) days from the date of approval (July 15th, 2020) to collect the required number of signatures.

Number of Signatures

We need to gather the same number of signatures for the Mayor and Council Member. 20% of registered voters within Boise's city limits. Our goal is to gather 40,000-50,000 signatures. The requirement is 26,108 signatures. 

Special Election

  • If our group is notified that there are a sufficient number of signatures:

  • The officer being recalled is given five (5) business days to resign his office.

  • If the officer being recalled resigns, their resignation is accepted and the resignation shall take effect on the day it is offered. The vacancy shall be filled by a city council member.

  • If the officer chooses not to resign within the five (5) business day period, the Secretary of State will call a special election.

  • The special election must be held on the next available date prescribed in section 34- 106(9), Idaho Code. (Most likely will be March)


Boise City Boundary Map

All signatures must be gathered from individuals that are within Boise and registered voters.


Boise, ID

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